St. Patrick Catholic Church

309 2nd Ave. Hinton, WV 25951

Parish Pastoral Council

The role of the parish pastoral council is a consultative body through which the Christian faithful can offer their gifts and their help in fostering pastoral activity. Through ongoing pastoral planning, the pastoral council will lead the parish community in the discernment and expression of its parish mission. Pastoral planning is accomplished by investigating and considering pastoral matters, and sharing insight and providing recommendations to the pastor. Council members work with the pastor in addressing the present and future needs of the parish.

The council is responsible for all matters pertaining to the life of the whole parish. The seven elements that form the essence of parish life.

  1. WORD - Regarding the Word of God, the council is concerned with all religious formation and religious education of parish members on all levels.
  2. WORSHIP - Regarding Worship and Sacraments, the council is actively concerned with the liturgical celebrations of the parish community and of fostering individual and family prayer.
  3. EVANGELIZATION - Council actively promotes special programs of spiritual enrichment for the community.
  4. COMMUNITY - Council is concerned with creating welcoming and inviting elements within the parish that build the Body of Christ.
  5. SERVICE - Regarding Christian Service, the council is concerned about those in spiritual or bodily need and about issues involving social justice and peace.
  6. STEWARDSHIP - The council is concerned with ongoing practices and educational tools to encourage parishioners to embrace all aspects of stewardship (offering of time, talent and sacrificial giving) as a way of life.
  7. LEADERSHIP - Council strives for a shared leadership among clergy and laity which calls forth the gifts of visioning, planning, empowering, and evaluating in order to fulfill the parish mission.


Council Members

  • Art Sanda - Coordinator
  • Wes Bennett
  • Margie Woodrum
  • Colleen Hannah
  • Andrew Weiss
  • Rusty Burwell
  • John McCaffrey
  • Barbara Gwinn