St. Patrick Catholic Church

309 2nd Ave. Hinton, WV 25951

Parish Finance Council

The Parish Finance Council serves as an advisory body to the pastor and the parish pastoral council in the administration and stewardship of parish finances, budget, parish facilities and long-range financial development. Mandated by canon law, parish finance councils, like parish pastoral councils, are consultative bodies.


  • To assist the administrator or pastor with development of the annual church budget.
  • To assist in preparation of the financial portion of the annual report.
  • To develop ways and means activities in order to meet special projects or needs of the parish.
  • To review the financial report and compare to the projected budget.
  • To confer with the St. Patrick Parish Council on expenses, revenues and current developmental needs.
  • To continue development of diocesan mandated counting teams for church collections.


Council Members

  • Joe Bevil
  • Gail Fleshman
  • Elizabeth DeLapp
  • Tim O'Farrell
  • Patty Stacklin
  • Patti Crawford
  • Lee Pivont